Guide To Claw Foot Bath Tubs

Many people believe you must own a Victorian period home to install a claw foot bath tub. We believe that this is absolutely not the case. The claw foot bathtub represents a timeless classic design that is the epitome of class, style and opulence. Although designed in the 1800s they are comfortable and easy to maintain.

Claw foot bath tubs are available in both acrylic and cast iron which are equally good materials for constructing bath tubs. The cast iron bath tub will have a porcelain interior with an enamel exterior that can be repainted in a color of your choosing.The claw foot bath tub can be found in a variety of lengths and widths to include styles such as the slipper, double slipper, dual ended etc. In addition to styles and dimensions claw foot bath tubs can be found with a number of different faucet configurations to accommodate your needs such as floor mount, rim mount, wall mount and so on.If you’re not sure which claw foot bath tub is right for you please give us a call where we would be more than happy to assist you in making your choiceAcrylic bathtubs if they should happen to scratch or chip your bathtub, the bathtub can be restored back to new. Simply follow our recommendations below for cleaning and scratch repair.Deep scratches can be removed by use of very fine damp sandpaper 1500 grit and then finishing with a liquid polish. When sanding ensure you use a small amount of water to avoid scratching the surface.If your tub is lightly scratched, you can buff it out with polishing compound.