Your Bathtub Refinishing Options

Bathtub refinishing, also known as bathtub resurfacing, can mean a lot of different things. Some people hear the phrase bathtub refinishing and they think full blown bathtub repair and reglazing. Others may think bathtub refinishing is simply changing the color of the bathtub with some bathtub paint or repairing a small chip in the existing finish. And a third person may think of installing a bathtub liner when they hear someone mention bathtub refinishing. The truth is a bathtub refinishing project can mean anyone of these things or even several of them in the same bathtub refinishing project depending on the individual’s needs. With all these options, how do you know where to start?

Let’s look at some scenarios. Say you are the proud new owner of a house that needs some work and your bathtub has big chips, or even cracks, in its uneven surface with an outdated finish color.  If you plan on living in this house for a while then a bathtub refinishing project will most likely include repairing those chips and cracks and reglazing the bathtub with a long lasting acrylic in a more modern color.  Another scenario may be that you are on a tighter budget or don’t plan on staying in the house very long.  Then your bathtub refinishing project may consist of installing a bathtub liner and maybe even a tub surround.What if you are someone that for whatever reason just needs something that will make the bathtub look better for a short time. Maybe you are a landlord, or you plan on selling your house soon.  Then this bathtub refinishing project would probably just be a simple paint job with some bathtub paint.As you can see there are a lot of different reasons and goals possible for a bathtub refinishing project.

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